Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rock West

The emphasis on preparedness in the Emerging Leaders Program translates into every aspect of my job at the Rock School West. I'm a chaperone to the girls in the jazz intensive. This is quite similar to being an RA. I'm responsible for checking them in at night, making sure they sign out properly, and am available for anything they may need. It's really fun! All of the chaperones are much older and the girls are close to my age. I'm friendly with the girls but I'm also conscience of the barrier between us (chaperone/student). Emerging Leaders helped me to further explore my strengths as a leader; the students and faculty respect my leadership qualities because of the way I work. I'm friendly with the students but not to the point where I'm viewed as unprofessional.
Today I met Nicole Harmonn, director of Rock West. She's amazing! She let me take a full day of class which was exciting! I took two contemporary classes and two jazz classes. There was a great variety in teaching styles so I had to make the adjustment and adapt to every teacher. Tomorrow I'll be doing some administrative work with Nicole. I'm not really sure what she'll need specifically, but I'm interested in seeing what kind of work goes into running a studio.
The people here are awesome and welcoming! I'm enjoying every second. This Summer Fellows program is just brilliant! More to come later :)


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  1. Hi Arielle-
    It sounds as though you are jumping right into the action at the Rock School West...with classes as well as an introduction to administrative work. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences in the Summer Fellows Program.