Monday, July 18, 2011

The City Life... for the summer at least!

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So I live, breathe and OWN the New York Metro... and it only took me about 3 weeks to learn!

It’s really funny because my whole entire life I've lived right across the city that never sleeps.
Ever since I was a little girl I gazed u p o n the city lights that never seemed to turn off, for those who wandered the city streets without a bedtime. It amazed me, and left me wanting to know more.
This summer I was given a great opportunity to travel to the city everyday, but that wasn’t the best part. The best part was to actually intern for one of the greatest and most powerful networks on television today, CBS.
I started interning for CBS on June 6th and decided to commit myself entirely, by working every day from Monday – Friday. Working everyday would give me a chance to understand how the internal clock worked. Working everyday also gave those professionals that I would be working with a chance to understand me and know me, not just as ‘that intern’… but by my name and by the qualities I bring to the table.

The first day I started at CBS was definitely unexpected.
My alarm went off at exactly 7:05 am. I reached down to grab my phone and realized that the night before I hadn’t connected my phone to the outlet to charge and had 10% battery life! Knowing I had to other things to worry about and I figured I could plug it in at work I followed in my morning routine. Shower, brushed my teeth, and picked out a business casual outfit with black heels. After reviewing my checklist I had prepared the night before for my morning duties, I left the house.
Stepping out of the house the humidity attacked my hair… I walked five blocks headed towards the light rail (local train) and basically went from having straight hair to a curly afro… and the moment I got to the train the train pulled up but my heel broke… but I trekked forth. As I got on the train I looked for a seat, just my luck I sat next to a man that hunted for gold in his nose for the entire train ride, which last 15 minutes. When the train pulled to the station, I got off and transferred over to the Path station. While I walked over to the path, my good heel got caught in a crack while I crossed the street… good thing the light was red. I shook off all the bad luck and made the rest of my day better by thinking optimistically. Two more trains later I got to Rockefeller Center, which was two blocks away from the CBS building. I walked the two long city blocks in the horrible humidity and finally reached the tall dark skyscraper that cut a hole into the sky… even though it was a bit intimidating on the outside… the lobby was painted in this gold leaf color... warm and inviting. From then I knew I would enjoy my time at CBS… something as subtle as the color on the walls really speaks in volumes for me, and I was right. I met my employer Nancy and was welcomed with arms wide opened by everyone that day.

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