Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Show

Today is the last day :( These past two weeks flew by! I can't believe it's over...

This video link is the "Indestructible" dance choreographed by Danielle Bower. Danielle is a Uarts alum! Danielle dances at Broadway Dance Center and teaches at the Rock West.

This video link is the "Balloon" dance choreographed by Tracie Stanfield. She is an amazing choreographer, artist, and advocate for dance. Her class is intense; Tracie demands a lot but in return the dancers get a lot of constructive feedback.

This video link is the "Shelter" dance also choreographed by Tracie Stanfield. Tracie choreographs and teaches in NYC at Broadway Dance Center.

The girls did well in the show and I'm proud of them! They have come a long way in such a short amount of time. I was surprised how close we became and I'm really going to put in the effort to keep in touch with all of them!

I had so much fun dancing and helping out here at the Rock West! I met so many Uarts alumni as well as other dancers and choreographers. This was a great opportunity to network with different people. I'm planning to go to NYC with friends from the program to take open classes. Nicole (the director at the Rock West) also encouraged me to come take class anytime!! I'll definitely be heading out to West Chester on the weekends! I'll miss my Rock West dance family! I know I'll be seeing them again soon though.


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