Friday, July 29, 2011

Final Notes

So let's wrap this all up with what I came out with. This is a picture I took of the studio, not a very good one mind you. Proof that something doesn't have to be big and grand to have everything you need, or to create the right stuff.

And here are two of the twenty layouts I created for this project/program. I spent a long time picking out the perfect layout size, which is actually an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. The idea of the project was to create something that could be viewed on a digital format, however, it had to printable on the off chance someone wanted it printed. It had to be for the 'everyman'. It took me a while, after the size was determined, to come up with what needed to be on the pages, such as copy and image size (so that we could make approximate and versatile layouts.) Everything had to start with an idea or a basis to be followed, always something friendly to both user and creator.

It also had to be understood that everything had to be interchangeable, and no copy was real copy. Simply putting in Lorem Ipsum would not work for everything, which is when we began to attempt to figure out how real copy would fit, and how to distinguish the different titles. Should we change the font? Make it bold? What would be the best and most visually appealing solution?
For these two seemingly simple pages, a lot of work and thought went into it. Details are important, and sometimes, simplicity is key. I am glad to know what I know now thanks to the Summer Fellows program. And with that, I believe this is my last entry. Thanks for the opportunity!

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