Thursday, June 30, 2011

Starting out inDesign

The opportunity was irresistible: a chance to work in your field this early on in college? Sign me up! It was a chance to get a real understanding and look at the way my world worked. It wasn't just the 'art world' in general. It wasn't just one section of an artistic world, it was my world. My specific little world dedicated to the field I was studying. There was an appeal to being allowed to utilize my schooling and turn it into something profitable. Not necessarily profitable in a monetary sense, but in a learning sense; in the idea that there would be experience to lay claim to, field experience. Field experience is something that cannot be denied as invaluable.

So, when at last, my chance knocked on my door, I took it full fold, looking forward to the lessons I was set to learn. How to take the Leadership Program and turn it into something else? How would I take the skills I learned and utilize them in this related Summer Fellows Program? I suppose one of the first things to use would be time management. I have set periods of time in which I can do work and hopefully try to accomplish all that I could in that time. I was in charge of what I was doing in that moment. Sure, there was plenty of time to work outside the daily program, but what could I accomplish while there, while the advice was still available? It was curious trying to figure out this balance, and as I am only up to my 2nd session (of 8), I'm still trying to understand.

Each time I go, I get to understand a little more about what it takes to run your own company (particularly a design firm.) There is a lot that needs to be communicated. As I am only in the beginning of my findings, there isn't much more to say. I've got another meeting tomorrow, so hopefully more to come!

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