Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chelsea Piers CBS Sports Photo Shoot/Closing Thoughts

Monday, August 15th, which coincidentally was my birthday, I took the train into the city and then proceeded to walk to Chelsea Piers where the photo shoot was being held. Piers 60 was where the CBS Sports Center was located. Once walking into the building, John the photographer and Paula, CBS’ Picture Producer were there setting up the photo shoot. The interns were in charge of helping John set up the lights and backdrop. A useful tip I learned to get wrinkles out of your backdrop: spray it with water!

The men John was photographing were sports anchors/analysts for College Sports: Randy Cross, Brian Jones, Aaron Taylor, Rich Rodriguez and Adam Zucker. All the men were so charismatic and easy to photograph. John instructed each of the talent (how they refer to who is being photographed) All the sports analysts were decked out in their best suits and were instructed to pose straight on, angled to the right, left, holding a football and sitting in a chair. I was in charge of holding the reflectors, and ‘blotting’ there faces. The other interns held up other reflectors and moved the props around.

Other people who worked at the CBS Sports Center at Pier 60 were busily at work. After all the talent was photographed, they had to get ready for their show which was airing live. There set was on the other side of the room tucked away. You could hear them airing the show live as they all discussed college football. So, my last photo shoot and last official day interning at CBS came to a close. I said goodbye to Paula, John and the other interns, Casey, Ashlee and Elana. It was a nice way to end my internship and made my birthday very memorable.

Summer is coming to a close and I’m excited to be going back to UArts. Being a CBS photo intern has taught me so much and has left me with such great memories and great life lessons that I will carry on into my college career and future intern experiences. Even if it was only for a summer this was my first internship and I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed myself and have gained so much. Now things can only get better from here.

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