Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another time ...

Another time when I was at CBS I was asked to go along for the Summer Concert Series that usually happens at the corner of 5th and Broadway right outside of Central Park. Heather, photographer and editor, invited me and the other intern (Casey) that was present at the time. At the shoot we were instructed to help her move her equipment around and hand her empty San Disk cards for her camera and to watch out for the other photographers. When
we walked over to the stage set up, there were camera crews from CBS up and running, sound techies plugged in and a crowd lined up ready to walk into the standing area. This summer concert was all for Darius Rucker, a previous member of Hootie and the Blowfish (country music), which by the way was pretty good.

Heather started to set up. She put her backpack down and pulled out her Nikon D3S... then she opened up her rolling suitcase and pulled out another ... and ANOTHER !

Three cameras total... with various lenses attached along with monopods. At this point I was completely impressed, and learned that its best to have different cameras with different settings so it would be easier to shoot especially when its a 20 minutes concert. Besides being quick with handing over the San Disk cards I was able to shoot with my camera. This gave me a chance to place myself
as one of the photographers that surrounded me. Even though I wasn't going to hand these photos into a network, magazine, newspaper... it sure felt good to be behind
the scenes.

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