Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello Painted Bride!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

"The Painted Bride Art Center collaborates with emerging and established artists to create, produce and present innovative work that affirms the intrinsic value of all cultures and celebrates the transformative power of the arts. Through performances and exhibitions, education and outreach, the Bride creates a forum for engagement centered on contemporary social issues."
     The Painted Bride Art Center's mission statement is everything I hope to one day accomplish in my own theatre company, so naturally, I was eager and excited to join their team for a couple of weeks! The idea of an interdisciplinary and collaborative art center focusing on contemporary social issues is exactly the kind of work that drives my initiative.

     Upon entering the building (which, may I add is only about 10 blocks from my house: another plus for convenience), I was greeted by a gleaming mosaic that spanned the entirety of the art center. Cheryl Carson is the Director of Development at the Bride and the woman with whom I am interning. She made me feel comfortable right away, assuring me that the environment is always "chill" and I should feel free to ask any questions at any time. I got started on some Excel Spreadsheet documents, updating lists of local businesses and their contact information. And important part of Cheryl's job is to invite neighborhood businesses to participate in events, fundraising, awareness opportunities, etc. This document is one I'll be working on throughout my time at the Bride when I have some time between more pressing projects.
     I made a dent in that work, and after an hour or so began on a new spreadsheet with information pertaining to the Highest Paid CFO's of 2012 in the Philadelphia area. Cheryl mentioned that it's important as a growing company to keep up to date on successful businesses, business owners and staff members. Not to mention, these are people with lots of money to donate to a great organization such as this one!
     In the meantime, Cheryl sent out a staff wide email, introducing myself and letting everyone know that I am eager to be "immersed" in everything the Bride has to offer. Right away, Lenny Seidman, the Music Curator conversed with me about his musical experience, upcoming shows of his group, and even his year at UArts. 
     Just before the day ended, I started my next task of preparing invitations for "Friends of the Bride" to be sent out. More than three hundred letters are printed and waiting to be sent. Can't wait to finish it up tomorrow!


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